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Often however even the Galactic Super Boss cannot afford to. I make mistakes cause if he brings customers to an event and the location staff turns out to  unprepar the consequences in terms of loss of image and turnover fall directly on the mega boss therefore it. I is important […]

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From some data collect on widely us tourist portals such a. I s Airbnb it was found that those who post autiful photographs convert twice as much as thos. I e who nefit tries to gain something from the purchase whether it is an. I emotion comfort safety etc. professionalism […]

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In fact a year recently went by with no new bank charters issu. I by the the first time that happen in the agency s year history. Perhaps the most compelling cyclical f. I actor tightening the loan spigot is the concern that increas regulatory . I requirements may  hurting […]

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This trend was exacerbat by the financial crisis. The top banks with greater than. I billion in assets held percent of the nation s trillion in financial assets in up from firms with percent of trillion in assets in . Additionally . I search costs in small business lending . […]

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Heterogeneity of small firms together with widely varying . I uses of borrow funds have imp development of general standards for assessing applicants for small business loans and have increas costs of evaluating such loans. Moreover the heterogeneity . I of small business loans has made it difficult to securitize […]

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If however you are willing to put aside the justifications to solve. I the problem then take a pen and paper and write down the following. DECISION MAKING… …that is understanding consumer psychology Getting straight to the point let s see what goes throu. I gh a person s mind […]

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They re negotiating their job offer or they have a startup and. I are negotiating with investors. So these lessons strike home. A Scholarly Crowd . I Explores Crowdsourcing by Sean Silverthorne At the Open and User Innovation Workshop several hundr researchers discuss their work on innovation contests user l […]